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  • 상품명 : ELBORN 19 Fall/Winter Campaign
    • 상품간략설명 : ELBORN F/W '19 collection features a calm, generous tone and manners.
      Inspired by the idea of masculine tailoring, the classical suits,
      oversized jackets and wide-leg pants exhibit mannish silhouette with a minimal and modern accent.

      Discover our new collection with elegant and modern touch.

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  • 상품명 : ELBORN 19 Summer Edition
    • 상품간략설명 : "Escape to the South"
      ELBORN Summer '19 collection expresses the image of a woman who is off to vacation to a remote place in southern France and enjoy warm sunshine.
      The relaxed silhouette and quaint colors of natural wrinkled linen, cotton, etc. are reminiscent of a breezy stroll on a warm summer afternoon.
      The nature-inspired colour palette - soft beige, deep navy and sophisticated khaki - adds a rich layer to the collection.
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  • 상품명 : ELBORN 19 Spring/Summer Campaign
    • 상품간략설명 : "Soft minimalism"
      The new season (19S/S) is developed under the theme of "soft minimalism", featuring a flexible, soft silhouette and a subdued color palette.
      For the Spring/Summer, the brand placed focus on the concept of relaxed elegance by performing a minimalist design and exploring variety of textured materials.
      As selecting fluid fabrics such as wool and cotton, we emphasized on the sense of texture, weight and the volume of each garment, while balancing them with neutral color palettes for harmonious silhouette.
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  • 상품명 : ELBORN 18 Fall/Winter Campaign
    • 상품간략설명 : “Stay Neutral”
      The brand’s upcoming collection (18 f/w) is curated with a theme of “stay neutral”.
      Inspired by the concept of genderless fashion, the collection focuses on the standard elements that could both applied in men’s & women’s apparel.
      Based on minimal silhouette, each item reveals its neutrality in material, shape and detail.
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